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Replacement Fascia, Soffit & Guttering, Somerset

The Cladding & Fascia Company were contacted by a local homeowner in West Coker, Near Yeovil - Somerset who had noticed that the fascia boards were looking like they needed painting and upon further inspection the homeowner could see the fascias were rotten and the guttering was leaking.

We carried out a free survey, lifting a few tiles to provide us an overview of the work required and we could see just how bad to problem was, with damaged felt most likely eaten away by birds etc as well as lots of nesting and mice droppings it was clear that action was needed fast.

Cladding & Fascia Company supply a Free No Obligation Quote Along With Our Report and visual Assessment with Photo Evidence of the damage as well as a Full Replacement Fascia specification.

The Home Owner accepted our fixed price free Quotation and during our survey we noted that the soffit boards and roof verge cement trays could be ACM (Asbestos-Containing-Materials) and a sample was taken for analysis by a licensed laboratory who confirmed no asbestos was present so our nominated Scaffolding Contractor, S4 Scaffolding were instructed to erect the scaffolding, Replacement Fascia Soffit & Guttering materials were ordered ready for works to commence,

Full Replacement Fascia, Soffit & Guttering Completed and Guaranteed for 10 Years!

The Cladding and Fascia Company have continuously improved their method of installation and have really perfected a method of installation that will provide a lasting solution to the problem.

We always fully remove all existing fascia, soffit and guttering to expose the roofline back to the rafters, this enables us to treat the rafter ends with Cuprinol wood preservative to provide additional lifespan to the rafters and remove any defective timbers.

We then remove all defective felt and install a high performance membrane along with new treated timber supports to ensure the new fascia is perfectly straight and level which then allows us to correctly install the new uPVC Fascia, Soffit and Guttering.

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