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Flat Roof Specialists

Flat Roof Construction should be left to the specialists such as us at Cladding and Fascias SW Limited as when designed and installed correctly they will always fail.

Its very important to get the details correct with any Flat Roof starting with the structure and the build up, Whether a Warm Roof Deck or a Cold Roof Deck its critical to know the difference and design the flat roof correctly.

The three most common types of flat roof coverings are GRP or Fibreglass Roofs as they're known, EPDM Rubber and Mineral Felt (Roll and Pour or Three layer Torch on).

All three systems are guaranteed to last, not one system is better than the other but there are applications where they do out perform one another.

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Warm Roof or Cold Roof?

Warm Roof Construction

Warm Roof Construction is a much easier method of constructing a flat roof particularly when lanterns are concerned.

The phrase Warm Roof doesn't actually mean the roof is warm its the terminology to describe a non ventilated flat roof structure where the insulation goes above the rafters to to form the 'Warm Roof'.


Like both types of flat roof construction the key to its success is in the careful application and design utilising the correct method of construction with particular care paid to quality of the vapour barrier and the standard of fitting when installing the insulation.

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Cold Roof Construction

Cold Roof Construction does not mean your flat roof will be cold, in fact the total opposite, it is the terminology used to describe a traditional type of flat roof construction where the insulation is placed in-between the rafters.

Cold Roof construction is perfectly adequate but this is the most common type of Flat roof that we see fail due to incorrect ventilation being fitted at the time of construction.

In cold roof construction its vital that the whole roof space is ventilated with cross ventilation so that condensation is adequately drawn out from within the roof space, this can easily be achieved with most roof types but must be carefully designed prior to installation.

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Benefits of GRP Flat Roof

GRP has been around for years, the majority of boats are built from GRP because its light weight, strong and totally waterproof but only when applied by skilled roofing contractors like us

Maintenance Free - Only Requires an annual clean

Never Needs Painting - Top Coat Colours Look Great

46 Different Colour Options - Anthracite Grey + Black

Will Never Rot 

10 Year Product Guarantee - Product Protection

Flat Roofing FAQ's

Do We Need Scaffolding?

In most cases we use a full independent scaffolding to provide a safe working platform for our fitters, this allows the work to be carried out quickly & safely.

We have worked with S4 Scaffolding for over 10 years and they are fully insured, competent and polite, we handle this process for you.

How Long Does it Take?

Every Installation is different, but our time served tradesmen are quick and efficient and work to the highest standards. 

A typical 3 bed house will take us 4-5 days start to finish although this depends on many factors.

Can We See Samples?

We have a full range of Guttering samples in all of our ranges and most colours.

If you require a specific colour please let us know which colours you would like so that if necessary we can order in the required samples for you.

You are welcome to keep the samples.

Do You Have Insurance?

As a professional registered company we are fully insured and qualified, copies of our certification can be provided upon request and We hold the following;

Public Liability Insurance for £5 Million

Employers Liability for £10 Million 

Contractors All Risk £250,000

How Can I Arrange a Quote?

Our Process is simple, either call us on 07594 817981or fill out your details to contact us and we will get in touch.

Our Quotes are free of charge and hassle free, we carry out a survey, show you our products and email or post a written quote. Absolutely no Salesmen!

The Installation Process

If we need scaffolding it is erected 2-3 days prior to us commencing work.

Materials for the project are delivered to site within the 1st/ 2nd day of installation.

IF we require a skip that will be delivered on the 1st day of work commencing.

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Tell us about your project today.

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