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Replacement Fascia, Soffit and Guttering in Portishead, North Somerset

Our customers property in Portishead, North Somerset was a mixture of an old dwelling built circa 1890's with a relatively new extension approximately 20 years old, but was suffering from the infestation of squirrels and damp walls to the gable elevations.

The roofline of this large property was approximately 110 linear metres all of which would require us to scribe in soffit boards to close off the open eaves design which was allowing squirrels and birds into the roof space as well as a number of wasps nests and other vermin.

Our task was to propose a specification that would enclose the roof space to keep the vermin at bay but to also provide a maintenance free solution to maximise their investment and extend the life of the roof. A key factor of this installation was to retain suitable air flow into the roof space but keep the vermin at bay.

We had our nominated scaffolding contractor erect a full scaffold to provide us with safe access and we were then able to commence our works which upon opening up the roof the damage cause by the nesting vermin was clear.

There was countless nests in the roof providing home to birds, mice, rats and squirrels as well as some lovely big wasps nests, one which required removal by a specialist pest control company, and we set about removing all the debris from the eaves so that we could keep an adequate airflow in the roof space.

Once all the waste had been removed we set about extending the gable ends by a tiles width to provide a good overhang to the gable elevations by constructing a new gable ladder which would then enable us to install a new fascia and soffit detail to protect the walls from damp.

Using treated timbers we constructed new gable ladders, new soffit structures to retain the new scribed uPVC soffit boards as well as straightening all the rafters to provide a neat straight finish for the new black uPVC fascia boards.

To retain the traditional look we then installed new Ogee deep flow guttering to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to the roofline, combined with our tight scribing we fitted new bird combs, concealed ventilation and eaves trays ensuring no further vermin infestation.

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