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New uPVC Fascia, Soffit and Guttering in Yeovil, Somerset

The Cladding and Fascia Company were contacted by a domestic home owner of a pre fabricated concrete framed home in Yeovil, Somerset as the walls were becoming damp and the soffit boards had come loose.

The existing soffit boards were found to be asbestos so e arranged for the asbestos to analysed and for it to be professionally removed by a licensed contractor who were able to safely and legally remove and dispose of asbestos.

We then set about removing all the fascia boards and found that the rafter ends had become rotten so we cut out all the rotten ends of timber, and treated all the rotten wood, we then cut in new treated timber rafter tails bolted through into the existing rafters.

We then installed the new maintenance free full replacement Fascia & Soffit boards along with new breathable membrane, eaves trays and roof ventilation along with new deepflow guttering in gloss black.

The asbestos removal, installation and erection/ removal of the scaffolding was completed in just 7 days with all debris disposed of and the property left looking fresh.

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