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Siberian Larch Cladding & Plastisol Corrugated Sheeting Honiton Devon.

Siberian Larch Cladding

Cladding & Fascia's South West Ltd were asked to carry out the supply and installation of CSiberian Larch Cladding as well as Black Plastisol Corrugated Sheeting to this barn conversion in near Honiton in Devon.

Our customer has undertaken a huge project in the renovation and conversion of this old agricultural barn, converting it into a beautiful bespoke home.

We had to comply with planning regulations to keeo this beautiful home looking like an agricultural barn so we opted for Siberian Larch and Black Corrugated Sheeting.

As with all of our works, where necessary we erect a full scaffolding system to provide a safe platform to work from, this enables us to carry out a thorough and comprehensive installation ensuring there will be no issues during the works.

This project near Honiton, Devon, was undertaken for the property owner and we we're tasked with the installation of the Siberian Larch Cladding and the Black Plastisol Corrugated Sheeting which was a rather large task considering this building is 24 metres long at 11meters wide!

The home owner has carried out the construction of this timber frame barn conversion constructing the walls from 8 x 2 structural timber and utilised the Actis Hybris insulation system which provides an exception level of insulation and them Actis hybris boost membrane was already installed for us.

Timber treated battens where installed vertically to provide an air flow cavity and allow any moisture to escape behind the rain screen consisting of the Siberian Larch Cladding and the Plastisol Corrugated Sheeting.

As requested by the customer the Siberian Larch Cladding was burnt using the japanese style shou sugi ban of charring with fire to seal the cladding instead of chemical treatment.

The project took us approximately 4 weeks to complete and we will be re attending site at a later date once further works are finished ready for the completion of the cladding at the front entrance.

All of our work was then thoroughly cleaned, all waste disposed off and scaffolding removed to provide a lasting maintenance free Cladding system to enhance the look of your property.

To Find Out More about our Cladding services Please Contact Us, Your Local Experts can be reached on 07594 817981

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