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Cedar Cladding Installation, Charmouth - on the Dorset Coast.

Cedar Cladding Supply & Installation, Dorset

Cladding & Fascia's South West Ltd Were faced with the huge task of cladding this tired looking property to transform the appearance of the awful looking render to give this property a bespoke and contemporary look.

We worked with the best local supplier, C02 timber who supplied the highest grade cedar available on the market.

The cedar supplied was absolutely perfect, almost knot free with a complete array of colour and our customer could not have been happier with the product.

The purpose of this project was to enhance the properties aesthetics, with it being on the cliff edge over looking Charmouth in Dorset it was essential that the chosen cladding would blend in to the coastline and look contemporary yet sleek at the same time.

As a professional and highly experienced Cladding Contractor we also ensure our installations ensure the integrity of the building, due to the nature of the works we undertook a full survey and gave professional advice on potential issues and enabling works with full costs for works such as repairing, redecorating and renewal of the guttering, fascias and soffits, relocation of drainage outlets and the installation of new drainage into existing soakaways.

Our preferred scaffolding contractor whom we have worked with for many years erected scaffolding where necessary and supplied us with mobile access towers for the duration of the works.

We used over 700 linear metres of treated 2 x 2 timbers to batten off the walls, provide a suitable air gap for ventilation and long life of the cedar, whilst also building out the cladding to step away from the house wall to provide a shodow gap beneath the lower levels which will be finished in the second stage of the project.

To Find Out More About A Cedar Cladding Installation Please Contact Us, Your Local Cladding Experts can be reached on 0800 112 3989

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