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Cedral Cladding, Supply and Installation in Sidmouth, Devon

Cedral Cladding Installation

Cladding & Fascia's South West Ltd were asked to carry out the supply and installation of Cedral Lap Cladding as well as rendering brickwork to make this home look like a coastal property.

Our customer chose to have Cedral Lap system installed to give a traditional appearance to the cladding whilst ensuring it was maintenance free.

The home owner also asked us to apply a new render to the brickwork so that the property would look uniform in appearance.

As with all of our works, where necessary we erect a full scaffolding system to provide a safe platform to work from, this enables us to carry out a thorough and comprehensive installation ensuring there will be no issues during the works.

This project in Sidmouth, Devon, was undertaken due to the cracked and tired looking render as well as having exposed brickwork which was unsightly and didn't match the rest of the property.

Our Customer wanted to achieve a coastal look so we gave samples of our pastel range of colours from Cedral Cladding and the customer chose for a pale blue Lap Cladding which really compliments the property giving a traditional style.

Once our quotation was provided we we're chosen to carry out the works, and we began by installing 38mm treated timber battens fixed to the wall with stainless steel masonry anchors which we pack out to ensure they remain level and inline giving a perfectly straight line to fix the Cladding too.

We supply and install Cedral Aluminium Powder Coated trims to all the corners and the window reveals as well as a stainless steel insect mesh which is fixed to all breaks in the cladding and the underside of the Cladding.

We also rendered the brickwork with a lime based flexible render with a tyrolean finish to match the rest of the render. Stainless steel EML (Expanding Metal Lathe) to give a good key for the render to adhere to the wall. Plastic beads were used to the corners and drip beads due to the coastal location so they don't rust.

All of our work was then thoroughly cleaned, all waste disposed off and scaffolding removed to provide a lasting maintenance free Cladding system to enhance the look of your property.

To Find Out More about our Cladding services Please Contact Us, Your Local Experts can be reached on 07594 817981

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