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Installation of new Cladding and Barge Boards, Yeovil, Somerset.

The Cladding and Fascia company were contacted by the owner of a property which was only 2 years old but suffering from extensive damp and fascia boards which were in a dangerous state of disrepair.

We carried out an inspection of the property and we found that the existing barge boards had been stuck on with an poor quality adhesive and no mechanical fixings at all, there was also obvious signs that the render was damp and in places over the gable elevations the render had failed and lost its bond.

Being K Render which is a machine sprayed system applied through colour render its very difficult to patch it of any sense and patching would stick out like a sore thumb so we proposed to install a new gable ladder with an extended roof tile to create an over hang preventing the rainwater running behind the render and installed a new Fascia and soffit board to provide a clean maintenance free solution.

With the new roof overhang we were then able to install new coastline composite cladding to secure the failed render and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to this new build bungalow in Yeovil, Somerset.

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