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Fascia, Soffit & Guttering Replacement, Langport - Somerset

Cladding & Fascia Company were tasked with replacing the rotten fascias and soffit boards to this property in Langport, Somerset in order to provide a clean look but also to eliminate the effects of condensation which was building up in the roof.

We carried out a free survey and inspection of the roofline and it was c;ear to see there were major problems with the roof. The existing felt was an old bitumen type which is non breathable and most of the felt had worn away at the eaves so any water coming through the tiling was simply getting trapped in the roof space.

Our repair schedule was proposed and accepted by the client, we would strip back 1.5 metres approximately 10 rows of plain clay tiles, install a new high performance breathable membrane at eaves level combined with new continuous strip ventilation fitted to the new uPVC fascia Boards.

We re-aligned the rafter ends to provide a straight and level roofline installing new timber bearers to each rafter and then we installed the new 18mm Fascia and soffit boards fixing with polytop colour matched nails.

Because of the size of the roof we installed Ogee profile high capacity guttering which more than doubles the capacity of the water it can carry compared to standard half round guttering and restoring the original character of this home in Somerset.

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