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Eurocell Coastline Cladding Installation, Somerset.

Eurocell Coastline Cladding, Burnham-on-Sea

Cladding & Fascia's South West Ltd were asked to carry out the supply and installation of Eurocell Coastline Cladding as well as upgrading the insulation to the timber frame structure at the front and back of the house in Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset.

Our customer had noticed how cold the upstairs if the house was and was literally pouring heat out through the walls which were damp and cold, but boiling hot in the summer!

We carried out a full survey and gave our recommendations to keep this property warm and damp free as well transforming the appearance.

As with all of our works, where necessary we erect a full scaffolding system to provide a safe platform to work from, this enables us to carry out a thorough and comprehensive installation ensuring there will be no issues during the works.

This project in Burhan-on-Sea was designed to increase the thermal performance of the home as the upstairs was a timber frame build with hanging tiles to provide the weather proof covering to the walls.

Our customer had emphasised how cold the upstairs areas become during the colder months and how hot they are in the summer so we had to investigate the cause of the heat loss by stripping out an area of hanging tile to expose the wall structure.

We found that the timber walls had not been sheathed with any form of backing board and we also found that the insulation was just thin sheets of 25mm polystyrene although some areas had no insulation at all so its no winder all the heat was going straight out through the wall.

Our proposal was to remove all the hanging tiles and dispose of all the waste and then strip the walls back to internal plasterboard, fill all the cavity with 100mm Kingspan insulation board, then sheath with 18mm plywood sealed to ensure full airtightness and then we installed TLX Gold insulated memrane which is a high performance membrane only 36mm thick but equivalent to 80mm of Kingspan insulation.

We then supplies and installed new Eurocell Coastline Cladding in Moondust grey to give a sleek contemporary appearance to this home, which is now the envy of the street, warm dry and looking fresh.

All of our work was then thoroughly cleaned, all waste disposed off and scaffolding removed to provide a lasting maintenance free Cladding system to enhance the look of your property.

To Find Out More about our Cladding services Please Contact Us, Your Local Experts can be reached on 07594 817981

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