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Composite Cladding supply and Installation in the village of Leigh, Dorset.

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

The Cladding and Fascia company and their team of in house installers were seen carrying out an installation in the same village and we were asked to provide a quote and specification for the supply and installation of new composite cladding.

The homeowner had an extension built approximately ten years ago and the wall Had been badly rendered and coated with a textured paint which was peeling off and exposing areas of failing render.

We proposed a schedule of works that would cover the failed render but still expose the stone work which the customer wanted to keep as a feature making our installation of the composite cladding far from straight forward.

the composite cladding was installed on treated counter battens with a breathable membrane to prevent moisture from penetrating the wall but allow the walls to breathe and prevent condensation build up.

the cladding was installed in oyster white with matching powder coated trims to provide a dry fit finish.

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